The Most Important Interview You Will Ever Hear

If you’ve been with me for any amount of time, you probably know I’m a great fan of the late Gary Halbert, widely regarded as one of the most successful marketers ever.

His boys Kevin and Bond keep his legacy, and his newsletter alive over at

They have just made available an interview so valuable, so inspiring, so packed with absolutely priceless information that I can’t believe they are just giving it away.

Printed here with Kevin’s permission is their generous offer.

You simply MUST download and listen to this 2 hour interview. It WILL have a profound, lifelong impact on your success.


7510 Sunset Blvd. #1020
Los Angeles, CA 90046

I am going to introduce you to the resume of a man that is
going to sound almost unreal, but he’s real.

1. He took a company from $20,000.00 to 13 million in just
12 months.

2. He took a company from $300,000.00 to 5 million in two

3. He took Entrepreneur Magazine from $800,000.00 to
7 Million in 9 months.

4. He has personally consulted with a founder of
Federal Express, Success Magazine, Nightengale Conant,
Investors Business Daily, 12 Inc Magazine Entrepreneurs of
the year.

He has 14,000 success stories documented to his name,
totaling over 9 (B)illion dollars in profit increases on a
world wide basis.

He has influenced more off line and online marketers in the
last 30 years than virtually anyone else.

There are a million results when you put his name into a
Google search.

He charges $50,000.00 per day to consult with.

He is respected and admired from everyone from Seth Godin
to people who work for Howard Stern.

He is an enigma, unclassifiable and in his own right rather
remarkable and he did a 9 1/2 hour interview a few years
ago with Tony Robbins (who’s also been his client), as well
as Fran Tarkenton, Brian Tracy, the founder of
Planet Fitness, the founder of Bow Flex, and more other
outrageously successful companies than anybody can possibly

That 91/2 hour interview was distilled down two intense
hours of pure marketing gold.

Tony Robbins probed, penetrated and grilled and drilled his
mind at a level nobody ever has.

And sucked out of Jay’s brain ideas and concepts so
powerful and enduring that you would be shamefully remiss
not to listen to it and read the transcripts.

We have acquired the transcript and the audio for you…
and shame shame on you, if you don’t take advantage of our
very generous gift.

We are doing it because he was a great friend and ally and
contributor to my dads work.

My dad was a great friend and contributor to his work.

He knows we are committed to helping people who resonate
with my dad be more successful.

He generously gifted us the right to redistribute this
interview to you gratis.

No strings.

No selling.

If you want to learn more ways to make more money easier
and more consistently from whatever you do.

If you don’t take advantage of this offer I won’t say you
are crazy, but I probably will say you probably need to
have your brain examined.

Enjoy it while we’re still allowed to share it,


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