Manage Your Time – Every Minute Counts!

Manage Your Time – Or LOSE IT!
When I look back at some of the roadblocks that in the past had kept me from reaching my goals as quickly as I would have liked, it was clearly my inability to manage my time that was my greatest hindrance.

I’m a man of many ideas, and there’s rarely a day that goes by where I don’t have a long list of things, both short and long term, that I’d like to accomplish.

But far too often I would find that when my day was done, it seemed that no matter how hard I felt I worked, I hadn’t finished as much as I would’ve have liked.

Looking back, I realize that it was my lack of respect for time that kept me from moving forward as fast as I knew I was capable of.

I came to this realization one day last July. My family was invited to spend the weekend with cousins at the beach house they rent every summer.

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