Can You Maintain A Small Computer Network? Then Why Aren’t You Your Own Boss?

If you have the skill and ability to maintain a small business computer network, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be able to start a computer consulting business of your own and become your own boss. I can promise you from personal experience, there is no more rewarding career choice that you can ever make than to become successfully self-employed.

It’s extremely easy to build a profitable client base when you build on a managed service model, and once you do, you will have an unmatched level of job security, no limit to the salary you can make, tremendous freedom in your daily schedule and more free time for your personal life than you can ever expect to have if you’re working for someone else.

With so many potential benefits, why would you choose to work for someone else?

Don’t think you can get enough clients?
Nonsense! If you setup your business under the correct model of flat-fee managed services, each of your clients will pay you a set fee each and every month (and I can show you how to guarantee to collect this fee on the FIRST of every month! No waiting 30, 60, 90 days for payment!) Small businesses with an average of 10 employees will gladly pay a managed service provider a fee of $1200 a month or more to know that their systems are monitored 24×7 and that support can be provided instantly (you can easily do both by using inexpensive, web based utilities). Just FOUR small clients can generate a stable, reliable salary of almost $58,000. ANYONE with a desire to succeed and a few decent pieces of marketing materials can land four or more small clients very quickly and easily.

Worried you can’t sell?
Let’s say instead of starting your own business, you chose to look for a new job instead. How different do you think going on an interview is from selling a potential client on your managed service? I’ll tell you how different… Selling to a potential client is WAY EASIER!

On a job interview, you’re probably competing with dozens, if not hundreds of other potential candidates. Many of which will probably have an equal if not greater level of experience than you do. But when you’re talking to a potential client for your computer consulting service, you’ll be competing with two or three other candidates at most. And if your potential client came to you through a referral (the greatest way to find new clients by the way), odds are, you won’t be competing with anyone!

When looking for new clients, you should be going to places where they are actually out looking for you (business networking, through referrals, through job ads the client placed, etc.). These businesses are already anxious to use your service. As long as you can show how your service can provide a benefit and value to this potential customer, you can make the sale.

Not sure if you’re qualified to run your own business?
If you can maintain a small business computer network, you’re qualified to run your own computer consulting business! Thanks to the inexpensive system monitoring and remote access applications available today, you can easily support a small but very profitable base of small business customers. Because you’ll be able to maintain your clients systems without having to run on-site for every little issue, and because you’ll be able to ensure a much more stable operating environment through your monitoring, you will be able to support your entire client base on just a few hours a day. Starting a computer consulting business as an Independent Computer Consultant requires almost zero startup capital and very little monthly overhead. By leveraging the use of current technology, there are few business opportunities available that are easier to start than that of an Independent Computer Consultant operating as a Managed Service Provider.

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