7 Major Perks of Being an Independent Computer Consultant – Part #2

In Part 1 of this 2-part article, we discussed 3 of the 7 Major Perks that can be gained by starting a small business of your own as an Independent Computer Consultant.

Let’s discuss the 4 remaining Major Perks you’ll get by taking charge of your career and becoming your own boss.

Major Perk #4: Flexible work hours – You’re the one who sets your office hours. Naturally, as the support provider for your clients, you’ll need to be available when they need you. However, if you want to get paid an overtime rate for any work your clients request outside of your regular business hours, you can.
Simply set the ground rules for your hours and rates in the support agreement that you have signed when you begin your relationship with your customer.

When you follow the correct Proactive Support Model with Flat-Fee Billing and Remote Computer Support, you should be providing the vast majority of your work from a remote location and not at the client site. And because your support model is based on preventative maintenance and not on constantly addressing emergencies, you’ll have a great deal of flexibility as to when you begin and end your work day.

Major Perk #5: An Opportunity for technical growth – If you’re working for someone else, it’s typically your boss who decides what products you’ll get to work with or learn. Fall into the wrong position, and your experience level and growth can be severely limited.

But as an Independent Computer Consultant, your clients will be turning to you for recommendations on which products or solutions to install. You get to decide on the products you will be working with. The choice is yours as to what you will be installing and supporting.

You get to learn the systems that you want to learn. If there is a product that you want more experience with and it’s the right solution for one of your clients, then you have the opportunity to go ahead and learn it.

Your clients will believe in you and your expertise. If you believe your choice in systems is the best and most cost-effective option for your clients, they will usually follow your advice.

Major Perk #6: Opportunity for professional growth – As a business owner, you’ll communicate regularly with the upper management and owners of your clients’ businesses. You are no longer the “technician” sent in to work on their systems… you are a fellow business owner… and your relationship will take on a peer-like connection. It’s the type of connection that can lead to greater opportunities for higher level networking and relationship building.

Business owners enjoy talking with other business owners because they can relate to them. Suddenly you’ve become one of their inner circle… a place that many people never get access to.

You’ll also have the opportunity to grow your own business should you so decide. If you choose to expand your operations beyond what you’re able to handle on your own and build your business into a larger corporation, that’s your choice.

You see, the starting point of Independent Computer Consultant can be a solid foundation for providing the client base, contacts and capital that will help your growing computer consulting business to continue growing.

Major Perk #7: A stimulating social environment – You’re in complete control over the companies you work with. Every employee or employer of every company you choose to work with provides an opportunity for expanding your social circle. The larger and more varied the client base you create for yourself, the larger the social network you’ll have to operate within.

Strong social circles are where great referrals can be found.

And great referrals provide the foundation for growing your computer consulting business.

Starting a small business of your own as an Independent Computer Consultant can provide you with so many benefits that are simply difficult, if not impossible to obtain while working as an employee of someone else.

Assuming you already have the required skill set to support a small business network, getting started as your own boss as an Independent Computer Consultant will be easier, less risky and requires far less capital then starting a small business of almost any other kind.

By focusing on building your business on the correct model of flat-fee, proactive maintenance and using inexpensive, readily available utilities to monitor and remotely support your clients, you can achieve great success very quickly.

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