5 Ways To Boost Revenue Now – Without Prospecting!

Increase Revenues – Without Prospecting!

When looking for ways to get some additional money into our bank accounts, most of us have the initial impulse to think, “I need more clients.”

Now, getting more clients is definitely one way to boost revenues. But it’s certainly not the only way.

Another way – a faster, easier and much cheaper way – is to increase your income through your existing satisfied customers.

Here are 5 ways to uncover and claim some of the extra revenue that you might be leaving on the table.

1.    Leverage Your RMM: Monitoring your client’s systems with a quality RMM allows you to get the jump on issues that arise, often before the client even knows a potential problem is lurking.

Fixing problems before they affect your client is good. But fixing problems without letting your client know one existed results in lost opportunities.

Make sure your RMM is configured to deliver instant alerts for all server problems discovered to both you AND your client.

If the problem is a serious one (failed backup, low on disk space, failed AV updates, etc.), the client will actually gain confidence in their systems because they’ll realize nothing is slipping through the cracks. They’ve got their finger on the pulse of their network, and they love having that level of awareness.

As long as you’re diligent in addressing these issues and keeping your client informed of your progress, your client’s trust in you will never waiver.

But what about all those non-critical issues that occur on a regular basis, such as processor or RAM bottlenecks, DNS issues, Communication Timeout errors, etc.?

Often these issues can go on indefinitely without causing a recognizable performance issue on the network – at least not recognizable enough for the client to complain. If you weren’t monitoring for these alerts, chances are you’d never know they existed unless you manually checked the server logs.

But when these alerts are delivered to the client, they will want to know what they mean, why they’re happening, and what you’re going to do to get rid of the messages. Even if it’s not causing an immediately recognized problem, no business owner will be very comfortable having error messages regularly occurring on the server.

They want an immaculately clean server, rightly so, and keeping it clean will result in revenue generating service work or upgrade projects for you.

2.    Review The Asset Inventories Regularly: Performing regular reviews of your client’s hardware systems as well as software versions, patches and licensing information is a great way to identify weaknesses in your client’s network.

When you review the Inventory Reports on a regular basis, you’ll be able to initiate necessary improvement projects more often.

You’ll also be keeping your clients productive and informed, which always results in improved satisfaction with you as their trusted advisor.

3.    Offer New Services: We are remarkably fortunate to be working in an industry that has a never ending stream of new products and services being developed to improve the lives of our customers.

Cloud services, remote backup and disaster recovery, tablets and mobile computing, social media, SEO… these are just a few of the topics that are hot today.

Every one of them represents an opportunity for you to bring to your clients new ways of improving their business. Improving their business will always improve yours.

4.    Deliver a Monthly Newsletter: One of the best ways you can keep your customers informed of new developments is through a regularly delivered newsletter, where you can articulate the specific benefits up-to-date new technologies can bring to your client’s business and why you feel they should be implementing them.

When you use a newsletter to deliver information about new developments in the industry, you not only keep them informed, but you improve your image as an expert and authority on the subjects you cover.

And of course, a newsletter gives you an ideal opportunity to prominently highlight a special incentive or time-sensitive offer, prompting your client call you to have this great new technology implemented right away!

5.    Use Your Website To Your Full Advantage: Your website also provides you with a great platform for presenting special offers to both existing as well as prospective new clients.

It’s particularly easy to get your existing clients to see these offers because you have several avenues with which you can drive your clients to your website.

Similar to a newsletter, you can create a blog page on your website where you post on new products or services that could benefit your client. When you post an article, email your clients informing them of the new post including only a brief summary of the article along with a “read full article” link, which will take them to your site.

You can also encourage your existing customers to visit your website regularly by providing access to your Service Reports through your PSA or service ticketing system. Once your clients are coming to your website on a regular basis to review their service calls, make sure your special offers are easy to find.

Your RMM also can provide incentive for customers to come to your website, where you can provide the link for them to access their Monitoring Dashboard or review their real-time Inventory Reports.

As an IT Consultant, your clients rely on you to keep their computer systems up to date, running reliably and operating at maximum performance levels. By communicating with your clients regularly, keeping them informed of their current status and what improvements are available to them, their trust in you as their technology adviser will be continuously enforced and the projects that keep you profitable will happen more frequently.

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