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7 Major Perks of Being an Independent Computer Consultant – Part #2

In Part 1 of this 2-part article, we discussed 3 of the 7 Major Perks that can be gained by starting a small business of your own as an Independent Computer Consultant.

Let’s discuss the 4 remaining Major Perks you’ll get by taking charge of your career and becoming your own boss.

Major Perk #4: Flexible work hours – You’re the one who sets your office hours. Naturally, as the support provider for your clients, you’ll need to be available when they need you. However, if you want to get paid an overtime rate for any work your clients request outside of your regular business hours, you can.
Simply set the ground rules for your hours and rates in the support agreement that you have signed when you begin your relationship with your customer.

When you follow the correct Proactive Support Model with Flat-Fee Billing and Remote Computer Support, you should be providing the vast majority of your work from a remote location and not at the client site. And because your support model is based on preventative maintenance and not on constantly addressing emergencies, you’ll have a great deal of flexibility as to when you begin and end your work day.
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